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What if I do not like aspects of the wireframes that you create?

The wireframes are simply blueprints that we present for your approval. We can change them completely or tweak them to meet your specific needs and desires. It is your website. Our goal is to make it what you want it to be.

What if I want the available extensions to do more than they currently offer?

Our Magento development services can customize your extensions and get them to perform the functions you want them to.

What is the typical turn-around time on a Magento store design?

You will usually have the first 2 layouts for your Magento website design ready for your approval within a week’s time.

Do you use generic templates?

NO. Template Studio designs all your website page templates from scratch, according to your specifications. Your website’s look will be hand-crafted by web designers who have a deep sense of what is aesthetically pleasing and how to achieve their results across platforms.

Can you integrate my Magento platform into my current systems?

Yes. We will troubleshoot the integration and make sure it is carried out as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

I already have a Magento extension, can you customize it for me?

Yes. We will make sure your extension successfully achieves its functions within your Magento platform.

What happens if I have a problem with my hosting?

You can give us a call at any time and we will immediately start troubling shooting your problem.

What if I have my domain with another host? Can you help me switch over?

If you have you domain on another host we can help you to migrate it onto ours smoothly and seamlessly.

Can Magento feeds submission tools help me to make better use of social media like Facebook?

Yes. A Magento product feed extension can be customized to feed your Facebook, Pinterest or ETSY page automatically when you post a new product to your Magento website.

Do I have to manually go through each site I want my products listed to each time I post a new product?

No. You can set your Magento feeds submission manager to default setting which automatically post to your preferred channels.

Do you only change the look of my website or can you also change the functions?

Template Studio does custom coding as well as design, so we can add whatever functions you need as well.

If I want to be able to easily add or delete pages to my website, can you create a custom site that is easy to alter?

Yes. We can install a CMS (Content Management System) to your website such as Wordpress or Joomla, which makes it easy to add pages to your website or to your blog.

Is there any benefit in thinking about SEO in the design phase?

Yes. One of the benefits of custom website design is that everything from your choice of domain name to your navigation architecture can help improve your SEO and lift your online visibility.

If I like the look of a particular site that I have come across can we use it as a model?

Yes. We often ask customers to point out websites they have come across and like. We will however adapt what we see to meet the unique needs of your online business rather than just “copying” the other site.

If I don’t like the original wireframes, can I make changes?

Of course. We aren’t satisfied until you are.

Can you help me track and analyze the results of my landing page optimization campaign?

Yes. Template Studio can help you to both analyze the success of individual landing pages and suggest other possible approaches for those which are underperforming.

Will you create the content for my landing page?

Yes. We can make sure that the content for your landing page is properly optimized so that it improves SEO, while still being well-written on a human level so that it sells the benefits of your products to your potential customers.

Will I be the sole user of my logo or do you reuse logo templates with various customers?

Template Studio creates only logos which are 100% original and which become your exclusive business logo design.

What if I would like my logo to appear not only on my website but on my stationary and other business correspondence beyond my website? Could you recommend someone?

Yes. We recommend Template Studio. We can create professional class stationary and business peripherals. Just tell us what you need.

How long does it take for a custom eBay store design from beginning to finish?

It takes approximately 3 weeks for the complete process. The first two weeks usually involve nailing down the design, while the HTML coding only takes a week.

Can you just do the coding if we provide the eBay design?

Yes. If you provide us with an appropriate design we can handle the rest. We need to look over your design beforehand, however.

Can you help me create web banners for behavioral retargeting campaigns?

Yes. Our marketing and design team is well versed with behavioral retargeting and knows exactly how to create a web banner design that will help you get visitors back to your site for multiple visits. (The key to being their final decision when the time comes to buy.)

Do you use generic templates for your web banners?

No. Each creative banner design is custom developed in consultation with our clients so that they are laser targeted to their specific client base.

We want to create our own SEO’d blog posts. Can you add features that will help us with these?

Yes. We can add extensions and plugins that make it so that your posts are more likely to rank well on Google and other search engines.

Can you integrate Magento with our CMS?

Yes. We offer complete and seamless Magento shopping cart integration.
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