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This Responsive Magento Theme is perfect for winter sports and sports accessories shops. Its snowy design, quick view functionality and peak of the mountain tone are as edgy and powerful as the skater’s blade, while the banner slideshow extension works smoothly, as sliding on ice.

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  • Responsive Magento Theme

    Template Studio’s fully responsive design is optimized to work across PC, tablet and mobile platforms.

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    Responsive Magento Theme

    We’re in the age of the mobile phone and the tablet. Your e-commerce template needs to be too. That is why Template Studio offers you fully responsive themes that work across platforms, instantly adapting to your customers’ devices and facilitating the chances that views will turn into clicks, visits into purchases. Our fully responsive Magento theme identifies the visiting user’s platform and instantly displays the version of your theme best suited to it, streamlining navigation and optimizing display so your product’s best features are highlighted and the buy button is never far away.

  • Ajax Easy Cart, Compare, Search Addons

    This popular add-on is included by default in all themes

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    Easy Cart, Compare and Search Functionalities

    Customers hate to have to hunt for what they are searching. With our Ajax Easy Cart extension your purchase ready customers can easily find, add and compare your products and services without having to toggle between pages or open extra browser windows. Nothing lets customers feel more in control than being able to easily compare products on a side by side basis. Ajax Easy Cart helps build trust and streamline the decision making process so that your visitors can get from your product page to your buy page in a hassle-free, fluid process.

  • Banner SlideShow Extension

    Template Studio’s banner extension offers you 29 cinematic ways to display your best products.

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    Banner SlideShow Extension

    Make sure your visitors see your best products! With Template Studio’s classy banner slide show you can entice clicks to your premiere products and packages—the eye-catching movement of our banner slide show is perfectly balanced to draw the attention without being obtrusive, the perfect tantalizing glimpse of the crème-dela-crème of what your site has to offer. Studies show that nothing draws clicks more effectively than dynamic, changing webpages; so don’t let them click away before they have seen your best; activate the power of our banner slide show on your new Template Studio theme.

  • Quick View Functionality

    Quick View permits customers to preview product information without having to exit the display page.

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    Quick View Functionality

    Keep your customers focused on your product pages with our Quick View function. With Quick View the product details pop-up when customers scroll over them so they don’t have to click away to a detail page to find out more. As marketing studies have shown, minimizing clicks and streamlining the sales funnel boosts customer retention and maximizes sales, reducing the chances your customers will get “lost in the weeds” or succumb to “paralysis by analysis.” Especially useful for complex products with multiple functions-give it a try!

  • Customizable Products Grid

    Take full advantage of your screen space through left column category lists.

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    Customizable Products Grid

    Template Studio’s highly adaptable themes allow you to array your products in multiple ways so that your customers can easily click to the products they find most appealing. You can offer your customers various options in terms of both how many products to display and what order to display them as well (for example, by price or bestselling). Most importantly you can make sure your default setting (the setting customers reach when they first reach your product grid) best displays your most valued products and services, a subtle but effective way to guide sales.

  • Fanatic Support & Free Updates

    have any questions or problems with our theme - we’re here to help.


    Support & Updates


  • CloudZoom Integration

    Template Studio themes allow you to use all the bells and whistles of Cloud Zoom’s high resolution image editing plugin.

  • New, Sale Price Tag Labels

    An eye-catching way to point returning users to special promotions and items “new” to your collection!

  • Product Slider

    Make sure your customers don't miss your best products with Template Studio's product slider.

  • Store Maintenance Extension

    Stylishly take down individual store views for maintenance from your backend control panel without ever having to tamper with your website’s core files.

  • Footer Customization

    Often overlooked, the footer is prime real estate for the kind of information that might be too distracting in more prominent spots of your web page.

  • Left Column Customization

    The perfect place to help customers search for your products by categories such as price, color and type improving navigation and click through.

  • Advanced Theme Panel

    Have the kind of control over your store usually reserved for web designers. Easily create the exact experience you want your visitors to have.

  • Easy Installlation

    You don’t have to be an HTML wiz or even particularly tech savvy to install Template Studio’s cutting edge web themes. We’ve worked hard to make sure that you don’t have to.

  • User’s Guide

    Short and easy installation and extension instructions written so that you don’t need a computer science degree to understand them.

  • HTML 5 & CSS3

    Enhance the appearance and cross-platform function of your website through the most current versions of HTML and CSS!

  • Multi Language & Currency

    Template Studio’s multi-language and currency settings will give you a jump start to reaching those users just over the border or across the language divide!

  • Grid / List Product View

    Define the number of products per line, highlighting your best offers or emphasizing the wide variety your store has to offer.

  • Advanced Theme Panel

    Template Studio themes allow you to use all the bells and whistles of Cloud Zoom’s high resolution image

  • No Core Files Were Modified

    Fitting onto your website like a glove on a hand, your attractive, high functioning Template Studio theme will leave your core php files untouched.

  • Magento Theme Pack

    Includes easy to use database sample.
  • Complete User's Guide

    Downloadable PDF offers a step by step description of the installation process and all features included in your theme.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We strive to build long-term client relationships based on superior products and services.
  • 7 days guarantee

    7 Day Money Back Guarantee — No Questions Asked.
  • Life-time free update

    Always stay current with the latest version of your purchased theme.
  • Dedicated support team

    Our expert Magento support staff is on-call and ready to resolve any issues that may arise.

NOTE: For best results, we recommend you disable the caching system while installing and configuring your theme. Cache management is located in Magento Admin > System > Cache management. Select all items, select "disable" in “Actions” and click “Submit”.

It is also highly recommended that you create a back-up for your system before making changes, so that you have a restore point should you run into problems.

Import the Database
Create new database and import database sample (electronic.sql) in the “Magento Theme Files” folder.

Copy and paste all folders from “Magento Theme Files” to the root directory of your Magento site.
Copy all Template Theme files to your Magento root directory. The copy path should be


NOTE: Both the “media” and “js” directories will have to be cleaned out prior to theme installation in order for your theme installation to be completed successfully.

Set-Up your Theme from Admin Panel
You can now set-up your Template Theme from the Admin panel. There are two options for doing so:

Option 1:
Go to the Admin panel:
System > Design > Add Design Change > “Custom Design”
From the custom dropdown menu select your theme (for example, “electronicshop”, if that is the theme you have purchased)

Option 2:

Go to the Admin panel:
System > Configuration > General tab > Design > Package tab
Under the “Package” tab designate your theme (the name of the Template Studio theme you have purchased, as in Option 1 above.)
You should now be able to access your Template Studio admin panel and customize your theme to meet your e-commerce needs.

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