The Store Email Address page of the system configuration makes it available for you to specify email addresses and contact names to be used when sending email to customers upon registration and at all steps of the order lifecycle. These email address are also used for sending error reports to the store administrator.

To define web store email addresses, follow these easy steps:

  • 1. In the Admin panel, select System > Configuration > GENERAL >Store Email Addresses.
  • Here you can configure the various email addresses used for sending emails from your web store to your customers.

  • 2. In the Current Configuration Scope drop-down list in the left upper left corner, select the scope for which you want these configurations to apply. All fields on this page can have different values for each store view.

  • 3. In each Sender Name field, specify the name of the sender or department from which the emails are sent.

  • 4. In the Sender Email field specify the email address used for sending the emails.
  • 5. Click Save Config to save your changes.